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   Reporting Flooding in our Parish    8 November, 2021

Unfortunately many local residents have suffered problems resulting from the recent flooding and, as autumn progresses, we are certain to get more rain and that is possibly going  to mean more incidents of localised flooding.

To increase the chance of these problems being addressed by the utilities company and Lancashire County Council it is important that everyone affected reports each incident. 

Click here to report non-urgent Surface Water Flooding to Lancashire County Council, or call 0300 123 6780 if flood water is entering your house or is over halfway across the road.

Click here to report Sewage flooding in your home or garden to United Utilities, or phone 0345 672 3723.

Given that the older areas of Newton have combined sewers carrying both raw sewage and surface water, it may be that reporting incidents to both authorities is the best way to ensure the appropriate authority is fully aware of the problem. 

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