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News  »  Parking at Newton Bluecoat School at Drop Off and Pick Up Times

   Parking at Newton Bluecoat School at Drop Off and Pick Up Times    6 May, 2021

Message From Lauren Vallely (Police, PCSO, WEST - Freckleton, Warton and Rural Fylde)

We are receiving numerous complaints regarding the manner of vehicles parking outside of schools at school drop off and pick up times.
If you are attending a school to drop off/ collect a child, please ensure you are not double parked, not parking over zig zag lines and are adhering to the parking conditions.

We have the power to remove vehicles that are causing obstructions so please be considerate of the residents in that area and don't park over dropped curbs or block driveways.

All of these factors are in place to protect the safety of the children, other road users and pedestrians.
Vehicles that park in restricted areas can obstruct the vision of children, making it dangerous when they are crossing the road.

Anyone not adhering to the parking restrictions in place can be liable for a fine.

As always, many thanks for your continued support.
Fylde Neighbourhood Policing Team

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