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   Reporting Flooding in our Parish    8 November, 2021

Unfortunately many local residents have suffered problems resulting from the recent flooding and, as autumn progresses, we are certain to get more rain and that is possibly going  to mean more incidents of localised flooding.

To increase the chance of these problems being addressed by the utilities company and Lancashire County Council it is important that everyone affected reports each incident. 

Click here to report non-urgent Surface Water Flooding to Lancashire County Council, or call 0300 123 6780 if flood water is entering your house or is over halfway across the road.

Click here to report Sewage flooding in your home or garden to United Utilities, or phone 0345 672 3723.

Given that the older areas of Newton have combined sewers carrying both raw sewage and surface water, it may be that reporting incidents to both authorities is the best way to ensure the appropriate authority is fully aware of the problem. 

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   Parish Councillor Vacancies    4 November, 2021

Could you be a future Councillor?

Newton-with-Clifton Parish Council currently has vacancies in both the Newton and Clifton wards.

Do you have:

  • a desire to get involved in local decision making
  • a readiness to represent the interests of the residents of the parish
  • enthusiasm for helping or organising local projects
  • a willingness to work alongside others
  • a commitment to invest some of your time in matters that affect our community ?

Please click here for more information

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   Parish Council Vacancy    4 November, 2021

Please click here to see the formal notice of a vacancy on Newton with Clifton Parish Council.

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   Consumer Alert - Nov 2021    3 November, 2021

Click here for the latest Consumer Alert

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   Pond Completed at Newton Hall Park     6 October, 2021

Pond Completed

Please click here for further information and photographs of this new village feature

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   Oct 2021 Consumer Alert    5 October, 2021

Please click here for this month’s Consumer Alert

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   Update on a Pond at Newton Hall Park    15 September, 2021

Update on a Pond to support habitat for Great Crested Newts 

Earlier this year and following a neighbourhood consultation, the Parish Council agreed with Fylde Borough Council and the Lancashire Wildlife Trust that the natural dip at the bottom of Newton Hall Park would make a suitable location for the creation of a pond to support habitat for Great Crested Newts and other wildlife.

Now that the bird nesting season is finished the work to create the pond is scheduled to take place starting on 15th September 2021.

Please click here for further information

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   Sept Consumer Alert    14 September, 2021

Click here for September’s Consumer Alert

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   Newton Park Improvements Work Starting    3 September, 2021

Please click here for an update on the Park Improvement works which will take place during September 2021

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   Newton park improvements and impact on car parking    15 August, 2021

The Parish Council are pleased to share this latest update from the Friends of Newton Community Park and would like to thank the group for their commitment to the park improvements for the benefit of the whole community.

The work to renovate the play area and the Multi Use Games Area is due to start in the forthcoming weeks and will, inevitably, reduce parking spaces on the car park for the duration of the construction works. On school days this car park usually serves as a safe and convenient place for parents to drop off and collect children, so parents may need to find alternative parking places whilst the improvements are taking place.

You will have noticed a ‘No Overnight Parking’ sign has been erected at the entrance to the car park. The Parish Council request that residents abide by this rule and are considerate to other users or we will need to consider enforcement action.


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   Reporting Potholes    13 August, 2021

Click here to see information regarding how to report pot holes from Lancashire County Council.

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   August 2021 Consumer Alert    13 August, 2021

Click here to see Aug 2021 Consumer Alert

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   Mobile Library Service Schedule    13 August, 2021

The mobile library runs on a 3 week rota, subject to any issues with the van or holidays.

Stops and Times :

  • Clifton:  Clifton Lane near to the corner of Meadow Close (opposite the playing fields)10:50 to 11:05am
  • Newton with Scales:  Bluecoat Crescent , off School Lane  11.25 to 11:45
  • Newton with Scales:  Bryning Lane, near the Post Office  11:50 – 12:10
  • Newton with Scales:  Clifton Village Hall  13:00 to 13:30

Forthcoming dates :

  • Tuesday 10th August
  • Tuesday 31st August
  • Tuesday 21st September
  • Tuesday 12th October
  • Tuesday 1st November
  • Tuesday 23rd November
  • Tuesday 14th December
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   Consumer Alert    12 July, 2021

Please click here to view the July Consumer Alert

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   Lancashire County Council Parish & Town Council Newsletter    12 July, 2021

Please click here to view Lancashire County Council’s Town and Parish Newsletter

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   Ash Die Back Disease    12 July, 2021

Please click here to view iformation relating to Ash Die Back disease

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   Mobile Library    12 July, 2021

The mobile library is visiting Newton.

The next visit is 10th August and will be at the village hall at 13:00 to 13:30. Prior to that the library will be at the shop on Bryning Lane then on School Lane approximately 1 and a half to 2 hours earlier.

Thereafter the mobile library will be visiting every 3 weeks.

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   Anti-Social Behaviour     10 May, 2021

Anti-Social Behaviour   

There have been numerous recent examples of anti-social behaviour in Newton, in particular, littering and broken glass at the Park and deliberate vandalism at the bus stop near the Ali Raj (Westbound  on the A583).

Where relevant these have been reported to the appropriate authorities by the Parish Council.

If you see anti-social behaviour please do report it via the non emergency police phone number 101.

A number of local service providers, including the Police, email out to residents regularly via "In The Know". This facility is also used for gathering feedback on local issues so worth registering. If you are not signed up and would like to be, please email PCSO Lauren Vallely at lauren.vallely@lancashire.pnn.police.uk to provide an email address, contact number and full address including postcode.

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   Update on a Potential Pond to support habitat for Great Crested Newts?    10 May, 2021

Update on a Potential Pond to support habitat for Great Crested Newts 

In February 2021, following an approach from the Lancashire Wildlife Trust and Fylde Borough Council,  a consultation was launched regarding the creation of  a pond at Newton Hall Park to support habitat for Great Crested Newts and other wildlife.

The Parish Council have reviewed the consultation feedback in detail and consulted with other relevant bodies. In consultation with the Lancashire Wildlife Trust, we have now concluded that the site at the Park is a suitable location. Although the process took longer than initially anticipated, Lancashire Wildlife Trust have confirmed the availability of funding for this financial year.  Consequently the Parish Council have agreed to the creation of a pond at the park as described in the consultation.

Work will commence once the bird nesting season is over – likely August 2021.


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   Parking at Newton Bluecoat School at Drop Off and Pick Up Times    6 May, 2021

Message From Lauren Vallely (Police, PCSO, WEST - Freckleton, Warton and Rural Fylde)

We are receiving numerous complaints regarding the manner of vehicles parking outside of schools at school drop off and pick up times.
If you are attending a school to drop off/ collect a child, please ensure you are not double parked, not parking over zig zag lines and are adhering to the parking conditions.

We have the power to remove vehicles that are causing obstructions so please be considerate of the residents in that area and don't park over dropped curbs or block driveways.

All of these factors are in place to protect the safety of the children, other road users and pedestrians.
Vehicles that park in restricted areas can obstruct the vision of children, making it dangerous when they are crossing the road.

Anyone not adhering to the parking restrictions in place can be liable for a fine.

As always, many thanks for your continued support.
Fylde Neighbourhood Policing Team

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   Consumer Alert - May 2021    6 May, 2021

Click here to see the Lancashire County Council Consumer Alert for May 2021

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   Consumer Alert - April    1 April, 2021

Click here to view Lancashire County Council’s April 2021 Consumer Alert

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   Free Weight Management Programme    1 April, 2021

The new free Weight Management programme is for residents of Fylde who are over the age of 18.

This is called CHANGE (Creating Healthy Activities and Nutritious Gains to Empower change).

To be eligible for the programme clients should have a GP in Fylde or live in the Fylde area with a BMI between 30 and 39.9.

The programme consists of 8 group sessions covering various topics from how to read a food label to how to cope with food cravings. Within the programme there will be opportunity for 1:1 support from our qualified coaches. The first session will be 1:1 where the client will discuss their goals. These sessions will be held online however, provisions can be put in place if people do not have access to the internet.

After the 8-week programme there will be various options for the clients to carry on receiving support from us – this will depend on the individual.

Clients can self-refer onto the programme and find out more information via the following link: www.fylde.gov.uk/change

If you would like any more information please contact Sarah Salthouse - sarah.salthouse@fylde.gov.uk

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   Parish Councillor Vacancies    12 March, 2021

Newton with Clifton currently has 3 vacancies for Councillors – 2 for Newton Ward and 1 for Clifton Ward.

Council would like to invite any interested person to submit a written application to the Clerk should they wish to apply.

If potential applicants would like further information, please contact the Clerk or any serving Councillor.


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   Dog Fouling Signage    10 March, 2021

It has come to our attention that a sign regarding dog fouling has been erected on Ash Lane in Clifton. This sign uses inappropriate language and claims to be from ‘Clifton Parish Council’.

Newton with Clifton Parish Council have been in touch with Fylde Borough Council’s Dog Warden on several occasions in recent months and will continue to press for measures to reduce dog fouling problems across the Parish.

However we would like to ensure residents understand that this sign has not been erected by the Parish Council. We will arrange removal of this sign and, if possible, replacement with a more appropriate sign.

If you see dog fouling please report it to Fylde Borough Council via their website - Home Page, Report It, Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the Dog Fouling button or click on the following link Details (itouchvision.com)


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   Temporary Road Closure on Spen Lane Sunday 13th June 2021    4 March, 2021

NOTE – This Closure is CANCELLED

Spen Lane will be closed to motor vehicles, cycles and pedestrians for approximately 20 metres either side of the Railway Bridge from 0800 hours to 1600 hours on Sunday 13th June 2021 or until completion of the works within this period.

An alternative route for vehicular traffic affected by the closure is via:-

Spen Lane - Kirkham Road - Carr Lane - Dowbridge B5192 – New Hey Lane - Spen Lane and vice versa.

The temporary prohibition is necessary to allow a safety examination of the railway bridge to be carried out by Network Rail.

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   Temporary Road Closure on Oak Lane and Parrox Lane 19th April 2021 - 25th June 2021    4 March, 2021

The following stretches of highway will be closed to vehicles as detailed below :-

  1. Oak Lane from outside house number 11 to its junction with Parrox Lane and
  2. Parrox Lane from the side of house number 11 Oak Lane to its junction with Oak Lane

from 0800 hours on Monday 19th April 2021 until 1700 hours on Friday 25th June 2021 or until completion of the works within this period.

Restrictions will be in place as follows:

i. Oak Lane for a period of approximately 8 weeks from 19.04.21;

followed immediately by

ii. Parrox Lane for 2 weeks

An alternative route for vehicular traffic affected by the closure is via:-

Grange Lane – Bryning Lane

The temporary prohibition is necessary to allow Section 50 sewer installation works to be carried out by Matthews & Leigh.

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   Consumer Alert    4 March, 2021

Click here for Lancashire County Council’s March Consumer Alert

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   Notice of Casual Vacancy    16 February, 2021

Notice of Casual Vacancy in the Office of Councillor

Newton with Clifton Parish

Clifton (1)

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   Garden Waste Renewal    16 February, 2021

It’s time to renew your garden waste subscription.

Simply visit www.fylde.gov.uk/gardenwaste

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   In the Know    14 February, 2021

Fylde Neighbourhood Policing team run a neighbourhood alert system to notify residents of issues and concerns locally.

To subscribe please contact your local PCSO Lauren Vallely 7699@lancashire.police.uk

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   Parish Council Consultation on the creation of a pond at Newton Hall Park to support habitat for Great Crested Newts    10 February, 2021

Newton with Clifton Parish Council have been approached by Fylde Borough Council and the Lancashire Wildlife Trust to ask if we have land suitable for the creation of a pond to support habitat for Great Crested Newts.

Click here for more information including how to submit your view

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   Fylde Borough Council Flooding Survey    9 February, 2021

Fylde Borough Council are undertaking a survey relating to flooding in the area.

The survey will be active until 15th Feb 2021.

Click this link to find out more 

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   Cold Calling in Newton    8 February, 2021

We have been made aware of recent cold calling activity within Newton Village whereby a resident was encouraged to sign up to home improvements.

Please be vigilant when answering the door and be extremely cautious who you allow to enter your home.

Newton, Clifton and Salwick operate a no cold calling Village policy and any concerns should be reported to the local Neighbourhood Police Team.

If in doubt, call 101 to report a police issue, or call 999 if a crime is in progress.


If you have vulnerable neighbours please make them aware of this.

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   Consumer Alert    7 February, 2021

Lancashire County Council Trading Standards Consumer Alert

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   Consultation on Ward Boundaries and Councillor numbers     26 January, 2021

A consultation on ward boundaries for Fylde has begun

Have your say now via our consultation portal 

Today is the start of a ten week public consultation on proposals for new council wards and ward boundaries for Fylde Borough Council.

Our consultation will close on 5 April 2021.

After we have considered all representations made to us during this consultation, we intend to publish draft recommendations in June 2021.

We will then hold a further period of consultation on our draft recommendations. Our final recommendations are expected to be published in November 2021.

The new electoral arrangements will come into effect at the local elections in May 2023.

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   HMRC Scam Phonecalls    20 January, 2021

Communication from Kirkham Neighbourhood Policing Team regarding HMRC Scam Phonecalls

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   Exploitation Alert    4 December, 2020

Click here for information relating to the Cunch Line Chronicles App that could be used to target youngsters for recruitment into gangs.

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   In the Know    30 November, 2020

The local Police email out to local residents regularly via "In The Know".

Their aim is to use this facility as their main contact with the community to keep them informed. For example, if there is a burglary on a particular road, they will send an alert email through In The Know to all residents that are registered in that area to make them aware and to ensure that they secure their properties. The Council and Environmental Services use this facility too, to keep residents aware of what’s going on.

This is proving to be very useful in keeping in touch with the community, especially those that don't have social media, such as the elderly.

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   Reporting of local issues     19 November, 2020

On occasion residents report local issues to the Parish Council. Whilst we will always do what we can to support our local residents and encourage their engagement with us, it is worth noting that issues should also be reported to the relevant authority if possible. Unless these issues are reported the authorities will be unable to take appropriate action.


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   Christmas 2020 Refuse & Recycling Collection Dates    12 November, 2020

Details of the temporary Christmas collection arrangements for the refuse and recycling service are shown below.

Collections return to normal on Monday 4th January 2021

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   Christmas Tree Collection Service    12 November, 2020

From Monday 4 January to Thursday 14 January 2021 temporary Christmas Tree collection sites will be in operation at the following locations :-

  • William Segar Hodgson Park, Coronation Road, Kirkham
  • Newton Hall Park car park, School Lane, Newton with Scales

Alongside the Christmas Tree collection sites Fylde Borough Council will again be working with Trinity Hospice to offer the doorstep collections in Clifton, Kirkham, Lytham St Annes, Newton, Singleton, Staining, Wesham, Westby with Plumptons and Wrea Green on Saturday 9 January and Sunday 10 January 2021. Residents will be able to book a tree collection online and pledge a charitable donation to Trinity Hospice for the doorstep collection. The bookings site will be accessible on the Trinity Hospice website shortly and available up to early January, a link to the booking form will be set up on our Christmas web page as soon as this is live.

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   Parish Council Meetings during Lockdown    3 November, 2020

Please note that due to the government imposed lockdown, some Parish Council meetings may be subject to reschedule and/or be conducted online via Zoom.

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   William Pickles Park Maintenance    6 October, 2020

The swings have been temporarily removed and the area cordoned off whilst necessary maintenance takes place.

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   Dog Fouling    21 September, 2020

Dog fouling - Newton Hall Park, School Lane, Newton-with-Scales.

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   Car Parking - Newton Hall Park    21 September, 2020

Car Parking - Newton Hall Park

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   Use of Litter Bins    21 September, 2020

USe of Litter Bins

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   Newton with Clifton Parish Council website launched    20 September, 2020

Newton with Clifton Parish Council website has been launched.


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   Newton with Clifton Parish Council website accessibility statement    20 September, 2020

Newton with Clifton Parish Council has published a website accessibility statement.

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